Chiang Mai

Finally we went to Chiang Mai in Thailand. There are some nice temples there.

But we didn’t do much there, except relax and eat delicious food.


Penang, Malaysia

From Singapore we went to Penang in Malaysia to visit some friends. Georgetown has some nice buildings and cool street art.

While there we visited Entopia, which is an Entomological Utopia.  It really was! They have a very large butterfly area and several other animals. Plus lots of educational information.

Chameleon, frog and scorpion.

Stick insect and leaf insect.


And so many butterflies!


We visited Xi’an in January, mainly to see the Terracotta Warriors.


The main pit is really big.

The warriors all have different expressions, although some of them are missing their heads!

Each one has to be put back together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.


There is a lot of detail in each statue.

We enjoyed our day there.

Xi’an was also quite nice.

We had good food in the Muslim quarter market.

The restored city wall is complete and you can cycle all the way around it. Plus they were putting up lanterns ready for Chinese New Year when we were there.

There are some nice building including the Drum and Bell Towers.

But you can see from the haze in the photos that the air quality was terrible.

Weekend adventures

This weekend we went exploring. Here are some of the mountains around our town.




And a small hill in the town.


We came across a nice lake.


And a badger on the side of the road.



We then drove over a road that plays a tune as you drive along it! Unfortunately, it is difficult to convey how amazing this was without a sound file. Next time we go, we are going to try and record it.

Dinner was taco rice.


And Sunday was cherry blossom viewing time.



A great weekend!