Jirisan National Park

So we are surrounded by three national parks here – Jirisan, Deogyusan and Gayasan. Having hiked in two of them for our previous hikes we decided that we should finish the set and take a hike in Jirisan.


Because I was recovering from a cold, we opted not to do the highest peak in Jirisan and instead went for the easiest hike – Nogodan peak. It was really busy, with lots of people because the hike was really easy, more of a stroll really. The majority of the path looked like this.


There were some steps near the top.


It was really windy at the summit, but the view from the top was lovely, mountains all around. You can see the highest peak in Jirisan in a couple of these pictures.

Looking back down to the shelter and the car park in the distance was the start of our hike.


There was quite a lot of mistletoe up in the trees.


But unfortunately we didn’t see any insects today.

And when we got home our river was looking especially clear and reflective.


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