Hiking in Deogyusan National Park

On Saturday we went hiking in Deogyusan National Park. We didn’t do either of the main peaks – Hyangjeokbong at the north end of the ridge, or Namdeogyusan at the south end of the ridge. Instead we tackled the two main peaks in the middle.

During the week the weather had looked like this every day.


But unfortunately on Saturday it was quite cloudy and extremely windy on the ridge, but it was still a good day for hiking.


The ridge

The hike started off in a rocky valley with several warning signs for rock falls. Many of the rocks had these strain gauges stuck on them, so it is possible to easily see if the rocks have moved.


The hike started easily, with a gentle climb up the river valley passing heaps of small waterfalls along the way.

And a big water slide.


Some larch trees.


When the sun came out it was especially pretty.

After about 3km of gentle climbing we came across this worrying sign.


So we knew it was about to get steep. Fortunately there was only about 400m of this left to go before we arrived at the saddle.


From the saddle we first went north for about 2kms to peak number 1 before returning to the saddle and then heading south for about 1km to peak number 2.

The first peak.

The view from the top.


When heading to the second peak the weather improved slightly.

Looking back at the first peak from the second peak. It is sunny over there now.


And a windswept me at the top of the second peak.


We didn’t see many bugs that day, it was too windy at the summit and the weather has been quite cold already. But here is what I did see.


And finally, we had a nice moon on the way down.







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