Hiking Gayasan

Gayasan is one of the national parks in Korea that borders my town. It is an extremely popular hike, especially at the peak of autumnal colours, so it was very busy.

We saw a woodpecker, a chipmunk and a cool black and blue butterfly but unfortunately I didn’t capture any of these on camera. So the only pictures from this trip are of the stunning scenery.

The hike starts at Haeinsa which is an amazing temple, but we have visited there several times before so we bypassed it on the way up the mountain.

The valley on the way up.

Cool purple berries.


And looking up to the peak.


The view from the top was amazing, especially with the cloud below us.

Andrew posing in front of more great scenery.


And a cute warning sign at the top of the mountain.


This is our route down the other side of the mountain.


We were really glad we didn’t come up this side, the stairs were relentless.

Near the bottom of the hike we walked down another valley, with more autumn colours.

When we got down we found a bus going to a place we didn’t know. So we took a chance and hopped on it. Fortunately it connected us to another bus we could catch to get back home.

Gayasan is 1433m high and the hike was almost 10km in length. It was a great hike, great weather and stunning scenery. And my legs have almost stopped aching!


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