Recent hiking trips

A few weeks ago we went hiking for the first time in Japan.

Andrew wrote a little about the hike here.

Here are a few more photos of the view. It was a beautiful day and the sky was incredibly blue.


Mount Fuji in the distance.

Andrew at the summit.

Andrew at the summit

Action radio shot!

Action radio shot!

Gondola and crazy mountain biker.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see many insects on this hike. There were still patches of snow around the top, so I think it was a bit too cold.

There was a ratty old butterfly.


And a ladybird.


But that was all for that hike.


On 24 May we went hiking to a small mountain in our town. There was a mountain opening festival, including a brass band at the top. The poor middle school brass band students had to carry their instruments up the mountain!

There was a balloon release.


But unfortunately some of them got stuck in the tree.


It was a much better day for insects though. Here are some of them.

A swallowtail past its prime.

A long horn beetle. The picture is not so good, as I was being ushered downhill by the crowds at the time.


A really pretty beetle with cool antennas.


A very colourful caterpillar.


A butterfly and beetle sharing a flower.


And a better view of the beetle.


Another ladybird.


A pretty flower.


And an unusual looking plant.



At the end of May I went on a 12km hike with my school.


The hike was quite easy, but 12km is a long way for 10 year olds. The weather was extremely hot so the students were very tired.

We walked to a lake.


I saw quite a few insects, but didn’t have the chance to stop for any photos. However, I did manage to get a picture of the giant wasps nest we saw.


And the snake!



Finally, a couple of pictures from my garden.

Yet another ladybird.


A furry caterpillar.

A frog. They are very noisy around here in the evenings.

And some decorations I made for my classroom.




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